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Ethics and values

Over 50 years of activity, Padana Tubi has always pursued the common good in the production field as well as within a broader vision of ethicsresponsibilitytransparencyvalue creation and social engagement.

The human person and the dignity of work are central principles to its set of values and business strategies.
Plant choices and technological implementation are oriented to the protection and safety of the employees, so as to combine efficiency, productivity and quality with the health and safety of workers.

Padana Tubi has adopted a model of organisation and control and applies an ethic code in compliance with law D. Lgs 231/201; it is certified to Norms ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Peculiar as it may be in a world where delocalization processes are increasingly enhanced, all the manufacturing facilities and the headquarters of Padana Tubi are situated in its home territory, in the town of Guastalla, as a sign both of a deep attachment to its regional roots and of an international vocation towards the markets in more than 60 countries reached by its sales network.
It results in a virtuous exchange of industriousness, creativity, honesty, lust for life together with great openness to discussion and dialogue between people, organisations, cultures and global markets.

Committed to the respect and the safeguard of the environment, Padana Tubi meets its own electricity needs by buying entirely from renewable energy sources, choosing the provider Alperia from the region Alto Adige-South Tirol as a supplier. In this way, Padana Tubi contributes significantly to build the foundation for a sustainable future, by safeguarding natural resources and reducing its CO2 emissions.

The large covered area allowed the installation of solar panel units with a capacity of 890Kw on top of its factories.

Padana Tubi makes its contribution also in supporting various social activities on its home territory, by giving aid to healthcare facilities, kindergartens, charities, cultural associations and organizations that promote the valorization of the local environment.