Dear Stakeholders,

we are proud to present Padana Tubi’s first Sustainability Report.

We are delighted to be able to recount, through this document, the history, values, relationships, results and goals that for over fifty years have represented the daily life of this Company, that chart the path to the future and that we are now for the first time sharing with our stakeholders in a systematic and regulated manner.

The last three years have left an unexpected and profound mark on all our lives, our economic relations, our organisational dynamics and geopolitical scenarios.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the great hope for recovery in 2021 and the tragedy of the war in Ukraine in early 2022 have brought to the fore the importance of specific issues and values (healthcare systems, energy sources, supply chains, to name but a few) and stimulated a strong acceleration of the reflections already under way regarding issues of environmental, social and corporate governance sustainability.

In this regard, we thought it might be particularly important for Padana Tubi, our customers, suppliers, employees, financial institutions, the local community and social partners to report and systematise our ESG achievements and goals.

2021 was in many ways an extraordinary year for the entire European steel supply chain.

For the first time, Padana Tubi’s turnover was well in excess of one billion euro, with a net profit for the year of over one hundred million euro and a growth in production volumes for both of our macro production areas – carbon and stainless steel.

We are aware that the important results achieved need to be read in the general context that facilitated their achievement. However, we are equally conscious of the fact that they reflect the commitment, dedication and passion of all our employees who, both yesterday and today, have, together with us, pursued a solid business project that thus far has been able to deliver sustainable value over time.

Awareness of the irreplaceable value of people and relationships leads us to have as our primary objective the pursuit of continuous improvement in the area of workplace health and safety through training for the creation of a safety culture and consistent and significant technological investments.

Similarly, as part of a community, and grateful for the opportunities that our local area has given us, we participate actively in charitable initiatives, enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage of our city and, more broadly, helping areas and localities in need.

Our sense of community is also reflected in our commitment to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum. The European Community is increasingly outlining the ecological transition goals it intends to achieve and which can only be attained with the commitment and planning of each individual company.

At Padana Tubi we are expanding our photovoltaic systems for the generation of electricity. These are installed on the rooftops of our facilities. At any rate, since 2020 we have been procuring electricity exclusively from renewable sources.

We therefore leave you to read this Sustainability Report, in the hope that you will discern in it the hallmarks of our identity and our way of doing business.

We are grateful for all your contributions to our project up till now and into the future.

The Alfieri Family

Download our sustainability report here

Our Stakeholder

In carrying out its business activities, Padana Tubi enters into relations with a plurality of parties with whom it establishes ongoing and valuable relationships, starting with employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. No less important are relations with local and national institutions, trade unions and trade associations, the local community, local schools and local associations.
In order to prepare a Sustainability Report in line with GRI principles, a mapping exercise of the Company’s internal and external stakeholders was carried out to identify the most relevant. Below are the categories identified, divided into a macro and then a more detailed level.

Distribution of added value to Padana Tubi’s stakeholders – 2021




  • COMPANY 14%

Padana Tubi’s internal materiality analysis: topics and significance

The materiality analysis conducted confirms the centrality for Padana Tubi of 13 topics (the materiality threshold considered is 6.5), which concern aspects of primary importance fully consolidated in the Company’s dynamics and which echo the strategy implemented to date by the Company, which has invested heavily on these fronts. These include: Occupational Health and Safety, Economic Performance and Shared Value Creation, Customer Satisfaction, Relations with the Local Area, Privacy and Cyber Security, Energy Management and Carbon Emissions.

The topics considered less significant are not to be deemed as of little interest to Padana Tubi, but rather as not presently strategic and urgent in terms of the actions to be implemented in order to manage them better.

For further details please contact sustainability@padanatubi.it