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The Community

Padana Tubi is committed to playing an active and participatory role in the social and cultural development of the area in which it operates. The relationship with the community of Guastalla and neighbouring municipalities has been very strong from the outset and it has seen the creation of many jobs, contributing to the economic, civil and social development of the community. Over the years, the Company has participated directly in initiatives to promote Corporate Social Responsibility in the Reggio Emilia area, and has supported and will continue to support projects with cultural, sporting and social aims by donating to health facilities, nurseries, charities, cultural associations and associations promoting the enhancement of the environment.

Padana Tubi has supported various associations and entities in the area with financial donations, assistance for companies that are adopting policies or practices that promote better social or environmental performance in their own organisations, and partnerships with charitable organisations, as well as aid for targeted research projects.

Donations and Support to the Tertiary Sector
2020 – 2021

Free cardiovascular disease prevention for all employees was financed by Padana Tubi and promoted in conjunction with the cardiology department of the Reggio Emilia Health Authority. It involved cardiologists and nurses for six days working from inside the “Foundation for Your Heart” van parked in the factory yard.

Blood tests and electrocardiograms were performed for about one hundred workers per day. Screening was carried out for cardiovascular disease prevention and glycaemic control, glycated haemoglobin tests, and various types of cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid tests.

This was the most numerically extensive cost-free screening of a working-age population to date in Emilia Romagna.

On the 50th anniversary of the founding of Padana Tubi, the Alfieri family gave each employee €500 worth of shopping vouchers to be spent in shops located in the main area of the employee’s residence.  The municipalities involved were: Boretto, Brescello, Dosolo, Guastalla, Gualtieri, Luzzara, Novellara, Reggiolo, Suzzara, Viadana and Pomponesco.

The shopping vouchers were divided into 3 macro-categories: 1) footwear and clothing; 2) restaurants and bars; 3) a “free” category where the vouchers could be used in either of the previous two categories. Many shops took part, displaying the initiative poster and publicising it. Workers used the vouchers to pay for their goods and the businesses participating in the initiative periodically redeemed them at Padana Tubi premises. Numerous expressions of approval were received by the Company via social networks and in the local press.

667 workers received bonus shopping vouchers

279 shops took part in the initiative

€321,000 – the total paid out in 2021

The vouchers were spent in 11 municipalities